June 24, 2020 karynross

If You Help One Person…It’s a Success!

Are you feeling discouraged that even after so much work, your organization hasn’t had a full lean transformation? And that you’re a failure if you haven’t been able to ‘make it happen’? Don’t be. Often, we get so caught up in the ‘ends’ the ‘BIG’ results we (or someone else) tells us is the only measure of ‘success’, that we lose track of the purpose: making things better. And that the way to make things better is to help people. So, instead of focusing on the ends, focus on helping people: the ‘means’. One person at a time. Single piece flow. Because when you help someone work in a more effective and efficient way, things will be better for the people they serve (their customers) and for them. And when you help one person, you’ve changed the world for the better. And that’s a huge success. So today, please focus on the process. Not on the results. Remember, ‘How we get there is as – or more important – than where we are going’. At work…and in life. Who will you help today?

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