October 31, 2018 karynross

HR = Human Relationships

Quick question for you this morning: What words do you use to refer to the people who work in your organization, who serve and care for your customers? Do you use ‘human’ words? Or do you refer to them in non-human ways? Do you give them an ‘employee number’ or think about them – and call them – resources’? If you do, I’d like you to stop. That’s because people aren’t ever numbers – ‘things’ or ‘costs’ to be counted – or accounted – for. And unlike the ‘resources’ we use in our business (paper, ink, gas and electricity, to name a few), which will all eventually be depleted, people, given care, respect and nurturing, will grow and appreciate, over time. Words matter. Please choose yours wisely and refer to the fabulous human beings who work for – and with you – in human ways.

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