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KRC's Mission & Values

KRC's Mission & Values

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Start With Purpose

Does everyone in your organization have a deep understanding of your purpose?

Does your company have a Vision of Service Excellence?

Most don’t. Although many companies have vision or mission statements, they’re usually focused internally – on what the company wants to achieve – not externally – on what their customers want and need – now and for the long-term.

At KRC, we believe that service – and service excellence – is ultimately about putting the needs of others – your valued customers – above your own. And, in order to do that everyone must have both a deep understanding of the organization’s purpose and a shared Vision of Service Excellence.

That’s why KRC always starts by helping your leadership team create your Vision of Service Excellence. Firmly rooted in both your company’s values and a deep understanding of your customers’ needs, your Vision of Service Excellence will give everyone a clear and simple picture of what service excellence looks like and what they’re striving together towards.

Then we’ll help you turn your vision into reality through our unique, highly effective, learn-by-doing, Coached Practice approach.



Learn By Doing

Once you’ve created your Vision of Service Excellence, KRC will help you start turning that vision into reality immediately.

We’ll do that through our 3 times-per-week, FaceTime or Skype, 15-minute Coached Practice sessions. These highly effective sessions are designed to:

• Teach people how to generate creative, new ideas and turn them into better ways of working right away;

• Give people a structured, systematic way to develop the discipline and stamina needed for long-term behavioral and mindset changes;

• Support and nurture people’s efforts and confidence as they learn a new way of working;

• Provide expert coaching in-the-moment to both enable correct practice and show people how to apply their learning in diverse situations;

• Work with people’s work schedules, not against them! Short, frequent coaching sessions don’t disrupt work and insure daily progress.

As well as teaching people how to create better ways of working, KRC’s Coached Practice approach has many other benefits, including:

Speed: No time wasted in long, theoretical, up-front training classes. People simply start learning by doing. After 6 weeks of being coached, people are ready to begin coaching others.

Scalability: Because people begin coaching others quickly, creating better ways of working through Coached Practice scales quickly and organically throughout the organization.

Sustainability: Experiencing the real-life, immediate impact of learning by doing and teaching others in alignment with the organization’s Vision of Service Excellence insures long-term sustainability.

Engagement: What really engages people at work isn’t jeans-days or pizza parties. It’s the intrinsic reward of being part of something bigger than oneself and truly serving the needs of others. And that’s what Coached Practice provides.

Coached Practice. It’s what differentiates KRC’s approach from others and why the people we help are so successful in continuously creating better ways of working, now and for the long-term.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Workshops & Speaking

KRC’s Workshops:

If you’re looking for a workshop that can be done online, is low on PowerPoint slides and boring theory, and high on practical, hands-on, learning by doing, then our workshops are for you!

Workshop Topics:
How to Do Virtual Coaching

How to Do Lean When You Can’t Be There

How to Transform Your Traditional Lean Training Into a Virtual Experience!

Practical Creativity: Using Creativity & Lean to Create Better Ways of Working

How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence:
Creating Effective, Efficient and Personal Service Throughout Your Organization

All workshops are suitable for conferences, consortiums and team events and are available in ½ Day, One-Day and Two-Day formats. Remote and in-person options available. And, as an added bonus, all workshop participants create a What’s Next Plan to turn their learning into action in their workplace and receive a follow-up ‘help’ session two weeks later!

And don’t forget about K2C2 Learning Communities!

Offered in collaboration with Katie Anderson these Coaching Community Cohorts, Creative Problem-Solving Solving and Improving Your Question-Asking and Listening Abilities Intensives are the perfect way to build team skills and connection.

KRC Speaks!

If you’re looking for an engaging speech personalized for your organization or a keynote for your conference, KRC would love to help! Current speaking topics include:

Fulfilling Your Purpose: The Creative Side of Lean

The Future is Not What We Already Know: Using Lean to Create the Services of the Future

Practical Creativity: Using Creativity and Lean for Long-Term Success

Service Excellence is Effective, Efficient and Personal

You are Creative! Oh Yes YOU Are!

Fulfilling Your Purpose: Your Business is About More Than Making Money!

Don’t see a workshop, professional development series or speaking topic that would help your organization? Then give us a call! We’d love to create one that meets your needs!

KRC's Mission & Values

KRC's Mission & Values

Right-Sized-Price Business Model

Our business model: Right-Sized-Price

At KRC we understand that everyone has a budget. And that everyone needs help. That’s why we don’t have set prices for any of our services. We simply ask that you look at your budget and what’s comfortable for you. Then we’ll work together to figure out what KRC can do to help.

Our Commitment: KRC will never turn away anyone who is truly committed to learning, to fulfilling their purpose and making a better world. We’ll always find a way to help!

More About Our Mission & Values

Our Mission
Helping People Improve the World means that KRC will respect each person’s humanity while supporting them as they gain confidence in working together in new ways. By teaching people to be creative thinkers, we enable them to solve problems, make improvements, build relationships and create communities inside and outside of work.

Our Values
At KRC, we believe that we’re put here on earth to help each other. As we continually improve ourselves and help each other, we work together to improve the world. We value:

Service: Help is more valuable than money. Service means putting the needs of others above your own.

Synthesis: Bringing together, not taking apart; ‘And’ instead of ‘Either/Or’; Making connections that build peaceful communities.

Multiplicity of Perspectives: Every being is different and put here on earth to fulfill its unique purpose and make a necessary contribution to the whole.

‘I can’: Everything you can imagine is real (Pablo Picasso); The difficult is what takes a long time, the impossible just takes a little longer (Fridtjof Nansen). There is always a way: we simply need an open mind to the spirit of challenge and the possibility inherent in seeming impossibilities.

Responsibility: Creating the world we live in – now and for the future – is each of our responsibilities; with every choice we make, we are actively creating that world; KRC values finding ways of living and working that will enable life to flourish forever (John R. Ehrenfeld).

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