February 12, 2018 karynross

Go Kindly! The KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge!

Did you know that February 11 – 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Week? To celebrate, and to help people improve the world, I’ve decided to create a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. Just like the KRC Creativity Challenge, I’ll be uploading a post a day challenging you to participate by doing your own acts of kindness. The Challenge prizes?…Well, that’s easy: happiness for others, good feelings for you, and a better world…one random act of kindness at a time!

So, here goes…Day 1 of the KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge:

How We Get There is as Important as Where we are Going! Last week, I was reminded of the importance of treating people who are learning new behaviors and ways of thinking, kindly. A number of the people I was coaching were frustrated and disappointed that they didn’t hit the targets they had set for themselves. Although they made good progress, they didn’t quite reach the goal. “That’s okay,” I said. “A target is simply that. A target. Sometimes we hit it and sometimes we don’t. When we don’t, we reflect on the gap and ask ourselves ‘why’? Then we take what we’ve learned and continue working. And besides, you’ve made great progress! Think about all the practice you’ve had and the experience you’ve gained! You should feel good about your efforts this week, not bad!” As coaches and leaders, it’s important to treat people kindly, and help them see the value of their efforts. if we’re focused only on ‘hitting the target’ as the measure of success, we might forget that the way we reach those targets, is just as important.

Here’s today’s Random Acts of Kindness Challenge:

Find a way to help someone who struggling to reach a target or goal feel good about the effort they’re putting into learning! Whether it’s lending an ear to listen, or a reminder of how much they’ve progressed, your random act of kindness will help them think more kindly of themselves as well!

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