February 16, 2018 karynross

Go Kindly! And Give…of Yourself!

Day 5 of the KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Today’s Reflection – and Challenge – is about giving. And I don’t mean giving money…I mean giving of yourself!

Last night I was on a very crowded bus. Definitely standing room only! There was a homeless man sitting across from me. When a woman got on the bus juggling a lot of packages, the homeless man immediately got up and offered her his seat. She gladly accepted! Although we often think about ‘giving’, or ‘paying it forward’ as something that has to do with money, it reminded me that ‘giving’ means much more than that.

So, for today’s KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge…

Find a way to ‘give of yourself.’ Lend an ear, help carry a package, spend time with your children. We are all unique and special and always have something to give others!

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