February 15, 2018 karynross

Go Kindly! And Ask TO Help!

Day 4 of the KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Today’s Reflection – and Challenge – is about asking TO help!

How often do you think about asking TO help someone? Not asking for help you need, but proactively asking someone else what help they need?

In our twenty-four-seven-three-hundred-sixty-five-days-a-year-non-stop-world it’s easy to get focused on ourselves and our needs…and forget to look outwards and see that other people are just as busy and overwhelmed as we are. And that they need our help just as much as we need theirs.

So, today, for the KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge…

Ask someone how you can help them! And then give them the help they need! Helping others is a great way to practice kindness, and, you’ll feel great too!

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