January 12, 2018 karynross

Getting Better All the Time!

How many of you have made New Year’s resolutions? Or have new goals at work? Maybe they’re something like “eliminate all junk food from diet” or “reduce the number of $ spent on xx by x date”. I often find that goals, whether personal or professional, are stated this way. In the negative. We use words like eliminate, take away, and reduce, thinking that we can ‘get better’ by subtracting! In general, though, as human beings, we associate ‘better’ with more of something, not less of it! So, if you want to get better, at home or at work, try stating your goal as something positive to strive towards, like “Healthier Living Everyday”. Then you can build towards that by adding in one new positive behavior each week, like: Week 1: Eat one serving of vegetables at every meal. Week two: Exercise 15 minutes a day. Continue to add on one new ‘improvement behavior’ each week, and soon you’ll find that by adding, instead of subtracting, you’ll build discipline, stamina and the ‘habit’ of getting better all the time!

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