April 24, 2019 karynross

Day 3: 2019 KRC Creativity Challenge!

It’s Day 3 of the KRC Creativity Challenge! You’ve all been inspiring me with your responses the past two days! Today, it’s time to inspire others – at work and at home – and get them involved! Often, we think we need to be responsible for every “big idea”…every complete “solution”. We don’t though! I’ve found that working together with others and putting together (synthesizing) small ideas from each person, allows us to create something more than any one person could imagine! And it’s totally fun! So, for today’s Super-Quick Creativity Starter: 1. Draw a line on a piece of paper! Pass it to a friend or family member and ask them to “imagine what it could be” and add a line or shape! Then have them pass it on! As each person contributes, you’ll create something more than any one person could create! 2. Draw the same line on 5 different pieces of paper and give them to 5 different people! (Children okay!) Ask each person to complete the drawing! Do you think each drawing will be the same? Or different? Post one of the responses here, or email me at karyn@karynrossconsulting.com, and I’ll enter you to win a copy of my new book, How to Coach for Creativity & Service Excellence! (And don’t forget to stay tuned for the exciting announcement Friday!)

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