January 15, 2018 karynross

Are you ‘in training’?

Many organizations spend a lot of time ‘training’ people. I wonder, though, how often that ‘training’ is effective in helping people change the way they work? In many organizations, ‘training’ simply means having people sit in a room and listen to someone tell them how to do something.  Even if there’s a practical component, it’s often not enough to ensure that people can apply the concepts to their own work. So, after training, they go back to their desk and do things the same way they did them before. Contrast that with an athlete ‘in training’. For an athlete, being ‘in training’ means that each day they’re actively doing things to increase their ability. Being ‘in training’ isn’t a one-time thing, it’s an ongoing process of learning-by-doing; of practicing, in a disciplined and strategic way, with the help of a coach. Being ‘in training’ helps the athlete continuously make the changes they need to improve their ability. And it helps them build the stamina needed to reach the goal. So, as we start the week, something to think about: in your organization, are you ‘training’ people or are your people ‘in training’?

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  1. Jose

    Great way to explain this. I think this is what deliberate practice is about, which I can tell it’s critical when trying to develop problem solving skills or any other skill to a high level of proficiency.

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