May 13, 2018 karynross

Are you a gifted leader?


How many of you who read the title of this post immediately thought of yourself? Thought that the question applied to your leadership ability? If we’re really truthful with ourselves, probably most of us did. That’s because, as human beings, it’s simply second nature to put ourselves first. To think about ourselves and how everything applies to us.

Great thing is, if you’re a leader, the one thing I can guarantee you is that you are gifted. Because all leaders, no matter who they are, or at what level they are leading, are gifted: gifted with employees! Gifted with the wonderful joy and corresponding responsibility of caring for and nurturing the fabulous human beings who give the gift of their precious time to their company and their customers each and every day.

If you haven’t thought of it this way, I’m not surprised. But think about it. Each day, your employees come to work, eager and ready to give of their time and talent. Of course, people expect compensation for their efforts, but most people aren’t just working for a paycheck. They’re working because they care about their customers and about helping their team, department, company – and YOU, their leader – be successful. And that’s an unbelievably special gift.

So, if you’re a leader, and aren’t thinking of the people who work for you as a gift, it’s time to start! And you can start simply: by saying thank you! By treating people kindly! And by spending your time, not behind your computer reading reports, but with your team members, finding ways to help them develop their creativity and problem-solving skills! By removing obstacles and improving the system so that they can do their work effectively and serve your customers efficiently. And, most importantly, by thinking of them, not yourself, first.

Leaders, your employees are the biggest – and best – gift you’ll ever receive! Please make sure you’re treating – and thinking of them – this way!

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