March 11, 2021 karynross

Announcing The New School for Kind Leaders!

The New School for Kind Leaders was created help you practice the Three Key Practices: Acting, Speaking and Thinking Kindly and their associated Behaviors in Karyn Ross’s book The Kind Leader: A Practical Guide to Eliminating Fear, Creating Trust and Leading with Kindness.

Our Purpose: Teaching everyone how to lead with kindness to create a kinder world at work at home and in the community

Each of The New School for Kind Leaders‘ classes, workshops and learning experiences are designed to:

  1. Help you become a Kind Leader through active practice
  2. Focus on ‘the means’ – the how – of leading with kindness so that you feel confident in your abilities
  3. Create the connection and community needed to give you the strength and courage to lead with kindness

As a New School for Kind Leaders student, you’ll find a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment where you genuinely belong! With our focus on cooperation and kindness, not competition, you won’t be graded on your results or have your progress compared against others. Everyone is starting in a different place, and the way to become a Kinder Leader is to practice. Which is what The New School for Kind Leaders is all about!

We’re looking forward to having you join us, and to helping you become a Kind Leader at work, at home and in the community!

We’ll be hosting free, online Information Sessions during March, and classes start in April! Click here to see the schedule and to register!

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  1. Pamela S Hunter

    I was wondering if there is a catagory for part time employed in your payment schedule. Am considering taking the April class.

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