Helping People Improve the World!

KRC is a purpose-focused consulting company.

We’re simply on a mission to fulfill our purpose of Helping People Improve the World. At KRC we want to help your company learn how to create better ways of working so that you can help more people and fulfill your purpose! That means we’re actively looking for ways to help as many people as we can!

We Specialize in Affordable, Personal, Online Coaching and Consulting

Think your business is too small to afford our help? Think again! KRC’s unique ‘Right-Sized-Price’ business model means that every sized company can get the help they need. We don’t have a set fee for any of our services, we simply ask you to pay what is comfortable and affordable for you.

Worried that you’re too far away? Don’t be. KRC is the leader in remote, online, personalized coaching, teaching and facilitating. For the past five years 95% of the help we’ve given people has been through virtual methods. And we’ve helped people from all over the world! In all different languages! Our expertise in remote coaching, consulting and workshop facilitation means that the help you need is only a Zoom, Skype or FaceTime call away!

Capable, Confident, Independent

That’s what you’ll be after working with KRC! Using our Coached Practice ‘learn-by-doing’ approach you’ll immediately start learning how to create better ways of working by creating them, in your workplace, supported by your coach. And best of all? Our 3 times-a-week, 15-minute coaching sessions are designed to help you become capable, confident and independent in 6 to 12 months!

How we get there is as important as where we are going

At KRC, you’re never just a number. You’re a valued and valuable human being. And although results are important, at KRC we know they aren’t the only thing. Creating respectful, caring, kind and compassionate ways to work are just as important. Because that leads to an engaged team, better relationships with customers, suppliers and vendors and a better world. And it will allow you, your team and your business, to flourish thrive and grow, no matter what the conditions are.

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