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2020 KRC “Acts of Kindness” Auction!

Would you like to win a dress that I designed and sewed myself?! I’ve had so many requests for KRC dresses, that I’ve decided to auction some of the ones that I created in 2019! The auction starts on Monday, January 6, 2020…and winners will be announced on Monday, January 27, 2020!

But the auction I’m holding isn’t a regular auction!

It’s an “Acts of Kindness” Auction!

What does that mean? It means that to ‘win’ one of the KRC dresses shown below, you won’t be ‘bidding’ with money…you’ll be committing to “Acts of Kindness” that you will be doing if you win the dress! Why aren’t I auctioning off my dresses for money? Because that would be exclusive! Those with more money would have a better chance of winning! But here’s the great thing! Kindness is a wonderful equalizer! Because it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you believe, or what your financial situation is…there is ALWAYS something kind you can do for someone else!

So, here’s how to enter the KRC “Acts of Kindness” Auction!

For each dress that you want to bid on, comment on this post with:

  1. Your name
  2. Number and name of the dress you are bidding on
  3. What Act of Kindness will you do to win the dress? (And the ‘Act of Kindness’ needs to actually be something you will do…like set up a stand to hand out sandwiches to homeless people…or walk dogs at your local animal shelter for 6 six weekends in a row…or help a new immigrant practice the language of your country!)

You can ‘bid’ on as many dresses as you would like…each just has to have a different Act of Kindness in your entry!

All dresses are hand-made, and (just like me!) imperfect! All will fit American women’s dress sizes Medium and Large.

Dress #1: Big Heart Dress

This is the first dress I ever designed and sewed! Made of linen, it has appliqued pockets with hand-embroidery that wraps around the back of the dress! I wore this dress to speak in Vilnius, Lithuania, and to the St. Petersburg Opera in Russia! It’s made of linen and a fabulous fuzzy material for the sleeves!

Dress #2: Big Pockets Dress

The hand-appliqued panels on this dress are actually huge pockets! The applique wraps around the back of the dress! Sleeveless, this dress can be wore on it’s own, or with a short or long-sleeved shirt underneath! I wore this dress at a Creativity Lab in Brazil! It’s made of linen and also has buttons sewn onto the pockets.

Dress #3: Red and Black

This dress is double-layered, with the lining serving as the longer part of the skirt! The hand-embroidered heart applique is actually a pocket! Fun! I wore this dress to speak in Brazil and in Colombia! It’s made of linen and is the most fitted of the dresses!

Dress #4: Heart-felt Poncho (A Poncho…not really a dress!)

This poncho is made out of the left-over material I had from making the sleeves on the Big Heart dress! I don’t like to waste…so I decided to make this free-form poncho! There’s also a hand-embroidered heart applique on the back! This is perfect to wear outside on a cool day…or inside as a top over a pair of jeans! One size fits everyone!

Dress #5: It’s Reversible!

The reason that this dress (really a skirt and top) is named It’s Reversible…is because the skirt actually is totally reversible! It can be worn on either side! The pocket on the skirt is hand-embroidered, and the heart on the top is hand-printed by me! I wore this skirt in many different places and to speak in Brazil! This is made out of cotton and can be machine-washed. Hang dry please! Don’t put it into the dryer!

Dress #6: Leafy Tunic!

I made this dress out of a remnant of fabric that I fell in love with at the store! The leaves go sideways because there wasn’t enough fabric to have them go up and down! So, I pinned the fabric to the dress-form and created a dress by wrapping and pinning. I used the little excess material there was to make the neck draping! This dress is made out of some kind of upholstery fabric, so it has a very sculptural look and feel when worn! I wore it in may places…and to teach a wonderful workshop in Antwerp, Belgium!

And…guess what?!

Although that is the end of the dresses…it’s not actually the end of the Acts of Kindness auction items! My friend – and very kind person – Ronak Shah, donated three beautiful paintings to the auction! Same rules to enter and win apply!

Painting 1: Koi

This beautiful enamel piece is 8 inches x 10 inches and is finished on all sides. Perfect and ready to hang anywhere in your house or apartment!

Painting 2: LKPF 1

This fun acrylic on canvas abstract creation is 12 inches x 12 inches and has finished edges! Ready to hang and enjoy immediately!

Painting 3: LKPF 2

Fun, funky and colorful, this 12 inch x 12 inch acrylic on canvas will brighten up any space you hang it in!

So, that is it for the auction items!

I can’t wait to see what kind of Acts of Kindness all of you come up with! And remember, all of your Acts of Kindness will benefit those receiving the kindness…will make you feel fabulous…and will support my Love and Kindness Project Foundation (www.loveandkindnessproject.org).

(And…even if you don’t win a dress or a painting, you can still do your Act of Kindness…because of that will simply create a better, kinder world for every single one of us!)

With lots of love and kindness!


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  1. Nori

    heartfelt poncho identifies me because Ponchos are very used in Argentina and heartfelt is a word that defines my passion of my every day life.
    My life was never simple my parents died from an illness called many years ago as the gay illness. And it wasnt my mum got a blood transfusion and last year my dad was the last to leave they were tired. I always worked on hiv institution is where i learned to see in the eyes.
    My kindness project for 2020 will be …….give kindness act and also consult not profit institution in trying to organize their collaborators and motive them with games. i will learn more from them than what i will give i think. Kindness and knowledge is all i have to give i already have two institutions Leoncito Dan and Fundacion Si.

      • Janet

        I think everyday is an opportunity to be kind. From holding a door, to smiling at a sad face, to offering g a hug when least expected, each day I look for an opportunity to show kindness to those around me. Today, a janitor that everyone ignores was having a tough time holding a barrel to be emptied. We did it together, he laughed and said…you always see me and say hi! We all need to ‘see’ all people and not see through people. Just one person at a time is all it takes to change the world or just the world of that one person. It all adds up. Karyn. I leave the selection to you! To be gifted … is enough! Big hugs, janet

        • karynross

          Janet! Thank you for your ‘every-day’ kindness!! That is the biggest gift of all!

  2. Stefany

    I LOVE dress #3 and think it would suit me perfectly : ) : ) : )
    For my act of kindness, I would like to get back to doing something I did many years back with my step-son:
    We would go to the dollar store, pick up a bunch of goodies such as socks, toothpaste/toothbrush, hats and mitts (if winter), snacks, etc. and spend the afternoon putting all these in separate bags, with a handwritten note of encouragement and love. We would leave the packages in the car for whenever we would encounter a homeless person or beggar while driving, we would scurry to find the bag and give one out. I still remember Jaeden’s face every time we would find someone to give a package to, full of pride. Jaeden is 16 now, and I want him and I to pass this on to my sweet daughter Bianca who is 4. I think we would all enjoy it, and the great memories it would bring back. Most importantly, being kind to our community where some might not be as fortunate. Whether I win or not, we’re still going to do it 🙂

    • karynross

      That is the best thing! Because everyone will win when you and your wonderful family do this act of kindness :)! ❤️

  3. #3 Red & Black, because it is the one that you brought to Colombia when we met at the summit … I will continue practicing the Act of kindness with my daughter! So beautiful and amazing feeling when you give to others, something that I really want my daughter to do, first as something that we are practicing Together but then like habit and something that will be very natural for her. Kindness bring kindness, she will start practicing with me but then She will BE kind.

    • karynross

      Thank you Sandra! Our children do what we do…and say what we say!! Thank you for showing your daughter how to be kind!

  4. Alyssa wiedenheft

    Leafy tunic! And if it doesn’t fit just yet, it’ll be good inspiration to lose a few pounds.

    My act of kindness is twofold: I’m working to connect and network with formerly incarcerated people and non-profits working to serve their interests. I had a powerful lunch with Sue Mason, the founder of whatsnextWashington.org and one of her associates – we brainstormed, identified wastes, dreamed about possibilities and generally worked to find connections to other groups/folks working to end stigma/bias and to make lives better!

    I’m also becoming more involved with a community group working to help end the stigma and bias around our homeless neighbors and to help them get their (basic and not so basic) needs met. This can include everything from providing $$ for an amazon wishlist, handing out hot coffee & cocoa on the corner, making art supplies available, and interrupting negative threads on social media with facts and kindness, etc. Im inspired to find people for whom kindness seems a rarity – and to do my small part to help.

  5. Tamara

    Hi Karyn! I love your Leafy Tunic dress (6)!
    My name is Tamara and my daughther told me about you and what you are doing! That is very kind and inspirational also. It shows the new values that hopefully can be worldwide and very common for many people soon! I hope so. You look like you can do A LOT!

    Talking about my acts of kindness: well, many years I am helping to my brother who is officially able to function (phisically or socially) but somehow he became the one who can’t manage his life at all: he is out of job, out of money; he can’t communicate with the state services, has alcohol problems. We have tried to fix it but nothing helped. So now I am the one between all relatives who is paying his bills, talking to him, visiting him. I have been also helping his son for like 10 years already since his father can’t help him and doesn’t talk to him. That is a very sad story that nobody could imigine to happen. But it has happened.

    Me, my daughthers and now sons-in-law are helping homeless people – with clothes, food, tickets to get to somewhere if they need it. It doesn’t our activity that we do on permanent basis but it happens pretty often since you meet homeless people in the big cities often. I communicate with all my dear friends and relativies whom I know regardless of their current social status, nationality (and I am judged because of it sometimes). I also think that I can name as acts of kindness: helping people in the public transport (happens often since there are so many visitors who come seeking for a job or something else in our city), being polite with people, not judging or arguing. That is pretty much what I do. And I hope I can do these things further.
    Good luck with all you do!

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