April 23, 2019 karynross

Day 2: 2019 KRC Creativity Challenge

Just what you’ve been waiting for!! Day 2 of the KRC Creativity Challenge! Lots of great responses to yesterday’s challenge…so here’s today’s Super-Quick Creativity Starter: 1. Copy the five shapes I’ve drawn below onto a piece of paper! 2. Rearrange and embellish them so that you create one “whole” out of all five things! 3. Use your imagination!!! Could be one “thing” made of all five shapes…or a drawing that is one scene in which the five shapes become different things with a connection of some sort! Post your drawings here, or send them to me by email: karyn@karynrossconsulting.com Then you’ll be entered to win a copy of my new book, “How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence”! (And if you haven’t read my interview about the book with Katie Anderson yet, click here http://bit.ly/2VTaPFO! You can enter to win a copy of my book there too!) Have fun creating!

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