Go Kindly! And Give…of Yourself!

Day 5 of the KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Today’s Reflection – and Challenge – is about giving. And I don’t mean giving money…I mean giving of yourself!

Last night I was on a very crowded bus. Definitely standing room only! There was a homeless man sitting across from me. When a woman got on the bus juggling a lot of packages, the homeless man immediately got up and offered her his seat. She gladly accepted! Although we often think about ‘giving’, or ‘paying it forward’ as something that has to do with money, it reminded me that ‘giving’ means much more than that.

So, for today’s KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge…

Find a way to ‘give of yourself.’ Lend an ear, help carry a package, spend time with your children. We are all unique and special and always have something to give others!

Go Kindly! And Ask TO Help!

Day 4 of the KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Today’s Reflection – and Challenge – is about asking TO help!

How often do you think about asking TO help someone? Not asking for help you need, but proactively asking someone else what help they need?

In our twenty-four-seven-three-hundred-sixty-five-days-a-year-non-stop-world it’s easy to get focused on ourselves and our needs…and forget to look outwards and see that other people are just as busy and overwhelmed as we are. And that they need our help just as much as we need theirs.

So, today, for the KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge…

Ask someone how you can help them! And then give them the help they need! Helping others is a great way to practice kindness, and, you’ll feel great too!

Go Kindly! And Listen…With Open Ears, Open Eyes, Open Mind and an Open Heart!

Day 3 of the KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Today’s Reflection – and Challenge – is about listening! With Open ears, open eyes, open mind and an open heart!

Although our sense of hearing might be the first that comes to mind when we think about listening, I’ve come to realize that listening doesn’t only involve our ears! To really listen compassionately and empathetically, we also need to open our eyes to ‘see’ how someone is feeling, open our minds to understand what’s going on behind the words they’re saying (and we’re hearing) and open our hearts so that we ‘listen’ in a kind, caring and helpful way.

So, today, for the KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge…

Listen! With open ears, open eyes, open mind and an open heart! Kindly. The way you’d like others to listen to you!


Go Kindly…And Smile!

It’s Day 2 of the KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge!

Today’s Reflection – and Challenge – is about smiling – one of the simplest and easiest-to-accomplish Random Acts of Kindness that I know!

First, my reflection. I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve noticed that people don’t seem to smile at each other very often. Whether waiting for a flight in one of the many airports I pass through, or walking out on the street, it seems to me that most people are going about their business heads down, absorbed in their own thoughts or whatever’s happening on their phone! We pass by without even noticing or acknowledging each other – even in the hallways of our own organizations! And to me, that’s a shame, because although it seems like each of us is separate and independent, we’re really all interconnected and dependent on each other! Although you might not know the person you’re passing, you can be sure that, just like you, they have hopes and dreams to fulfill, joy to share and things in their life that they’re struggling with! And just like a simple smile from someone brightens your day – a simple smile from you will brighten theirs!

So, today’s KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge (which you’ve probably figured it out already)…is…

Smile! At every person you meet in passing! Wherever you are! It’s an easy way to insure that you’ll feel great – and so will they!


Go Kindly! The KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge!

Did you know that February 11 – 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Week? To celebrate, and to help people improve the world, I’ve decided to create a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. Just like the KRC Creativity Challenge, I’ll be uploading a post a day challenging you to participate by doing your own acts of kindness. The Challenge prizes?…Well, that’s easy: happiness for others, good feelings for you, and a better world…one random act of kindness at a time!

So, here goes…Day 1 of the KRC Random Acts of Kindness Challenge:

How We Get There is as Important as Where we are Going! Last week, I was reminded of the importance of treating people who are learning new behaviors and ways of thinking, kindly. A number of the people I was coaching were frustrated and disappointed that they didn’t hit the targets they had set for themselves. Although they made good progress, they didn’t quite reach the goal. “That’s okay,” I said. “A target is simply that. A target. Sometimes we hit it and sometimes we don’t. When we don’t, we reflect on the gap and ask ourselves ‘why’? Then we take what we’ve learned and continue working. And besides, you’ve made great progress! Think about all the practice you’ve had and the experience you’ve gained! You should feel good about your efforts this week, not bad!” As coaches and leaders, it’s important to treat people kindly, and help them see the value of their efforts. if we’re focused only on ‘hitting the target’ as the measure of success, we might forget that the way we reach those targets, is just as important.

Here’s today’s Random Acts of Kindness Challenge:

Find a way to help someone who struggling to reach a target or goal feel good about the effort they’re putting into learning! Whether it’s lending an ear to listen, or a reminder of how much they’ve progressed, your random act of kindness will help them think more kindly of themselves as well!

People are never a waste!

Although this may seem like a given, in today’s cost-conscious and ever-more competitive environment, reducing costs by reducing the number of people who are doing the work is common. And while this might sometimes be a necessity, unless an organization has really focused on finding creative ways to remove real waste (transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, over-processing, over production and defects, our traditional lean wastes) cutting people isn’t a good idea. And here’s why. Because people, unlike machinery, or technology or buildings don’t depreciate over time. In fact, when we teach, coach and support them, people actually appreciate. With increased experience, people gain knowledge, wisdom and confidence. Then they’re better able to serve customers and find creative ways to improve services and products. And because each person is a unique individual, they bring their own special strengths and perspective. People aren’t numbers – costs to be reduced – and people are never, ever, ever a waste!

More Frequent Contact…not Less!

Last week, near the end of a wonderful lean coaching session, the person I was working with said, “It’s so much easier to learn how to do this with someone to help and support me”. I responded with, “I think that’s true about everything.” And I really do. Whether it’s learning how to work in a different way, or trying a new hobby at home, having someone to help support and nurture us is unbelievably important. Much more important than we usually acknowledge, especially in the business world, where it’s common to hear things like, “Hire people you trust and then leave them alone to get their work done”. Problem is, that means people who are learning are often left to struggle alone. And that’s not fun, kind or caring. So, if you’re a coach – or a leader – and you see that someone is struggling, my suggestion is to increase the frequency of contact you have with them and the help you give them. As I always, say, “We’re put here on earth to help each other. It’s why there are seven billion of us. If we were meant to do everything on our own, there would just be one!”

The KRC Creativity Challenge Day 5: A Vision is a Picture!

Can you believe it? It’s already Friday! And the last day of the KRC Creativity Challenge! Yesterday, we practiced turning ‘words’ into pictures. Today, as our last exercise of this challenge, we’re going to expand on that idea.

For today’s exercise, we’re going to ‘draw out our vision’:

Although we’re normally used to seeing a ‘vision statement’ written out in words, when you think about it, a ‘vision’ is actually a picture! So, for today, think about what you envision for the future. Either personal or professional. What do you dream of? What do you imagine for yourself, your family, your organization and the world? Now, instead of writing that ‘vision’ down in words, draw a picture of it! What do you see? What is your picture ‘showing’ you? What’s the next, creative step that you can take to turn your vision into a reality?

Thanks to everyone for participating and creating! I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have! Winners of one of my drawings will be announced next week!

1/25/18 – The KRC Creativity Challenge Day 4: Picture This

One of the things that always surprises me is the preference of words over pictures that most of us seem to develop as adults. Although understanding the world through images and pictures comes before words (think of the picture books you enjoyed as a child) as we get older it’s as if we somehow forget the power that images have to convey meaning. Today’s creativity exercise is designed to help you build a bridge b tween words and images.

For today’s practice write the first word that comes into your mind on a piece of paper. Then add lines, shapes, and colors to turn it into a picture of what the word says. (You might remember doing this spontaneously as a child! While you’re doing the exercise to day, remember the joy you had creating when you did it!)

The KRC Creativity Challenge Day 3: Connect the Dots!

It’s Day 3 of the KRC Creativity Challenge. Today we’re going to do an exercise called Connect the Dots. Often, creativity is simply about making connections between things we already know. For today’s exercise, take a pencil and make dots all over your paper. Sit back and take a look! What does the pattern look like? Connect the dots and color it in! Easy, fun and creative!

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